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Saying YES or NO to life

By Doug J Moore, Ph.D. / March 7, 2021 /

There are many ways we say NO to life. Can you remember a time you received a gift and said, "Oh you shouldn't have". Perhaps you were at a party and avoided talking to someone you found interesting. Maybe you had an urge to learn a new skill but dismissed the idea. We are faced…

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Resistance vs Acceptance

By Doug J Moore, Ph.D. / January 4, 2021 /

It's natural to resist something threatening or limiting.  If you're told you can't have something you really want, your initial reaction is to resist. In resistance our fight/flight/freeze reactions are activated, forcing some action to keep us or someone else safe.  If your child wants to run into the street, you are naturally going to resist. …

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Complete Acceptance activates Thriving Mode

By Doug J Moore, Ph.D. / January 2, 2021 /

"What's wrong with me" and "I'm not good enough" are two beliefs common to most of us.  They kick in frequently for big events like being passed over for a promotion and little events such as forgetting your car keys as you rush out the door.  These limiting beliefs start early in life.  For example,…

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