There are numerous tools available today that were not usually taught in school or by our parents.  This section describes and illustrates many of those tools needed to move from Surviving into Thriving and Awakening.

We can’t change anything about ourselves unless we become aware of those personality qualities that can be developed.  Thus, Self-Discovery covers numerous perspectives of understanding ourselves more deeply.

  Life-Skills contains many tools such as mindfulness, meditation, changing our beliefs, managing our emotions, and developing healthy sustainable habits.  Enjoy exploring and learning…


  1. 9 Enneagram Strategies
  2. 5 Elements
  3. 4 Sensory Styles
  4. 3 Instinctual Drives
  5. And more…

Thriving Tools

  1. Developing Wisdom
  2. Opening the Heart
  3. Strengthening Healthy Behaviors
  4. Enhancing Relationships
  5. Balancing Energies
  6. Nourishing Your Deepest Nature`

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