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Evam me sutam. Te samanabrahmana pubbantakappika yepi te samanabrahmana uddhamaghatanika sannivada. Yatha va paneke bhonto samanabrahmana saddhadeyyani bhojanani bhunjitva te evarupam duteyyapahinagamananuyogam anuyutta viharanti, seyyathidam. Antanantavado.

Te ca bhonto samanabrahmana kimagamma kimarabbha ucchedavada sato sattassa ucchedam vinasam vibhavam pannapenti sattahi vatthuhi? Te mam tattha samanuyunjeyyum samanugaheyyum samanubhaseyyum. Ekaccam asassatam attananca lokanca pannapenti catuhi vatthuhi, tadapi phassapaccaya.

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Great Lakes Tech Solutions

GLTS empowers you to take advantage of the internet in an effective and efficient manner by offering technology solutions that best fit your business goals. We focus exclusively on developing mutually-beneficial partnerships with a select group of clientele. When you enter into a relationship with GLTS, you can trust that we believe in your company and are committed to your success.

The platforms and services provided by GLTS serve as a foundation that will support long-term growth and future technologies. We believe in providing the resources and training necessary to give you as much control as you want.

Our core services: Strategic Planning, Website Development, SEO/SEM, Advanced Analytics, UI/UX Design, Multimedia, Dedicated Hosting

YOUR SUCCESS is how we measure ours.


Blue Robot

Blue Robot is an interactive design studio that specializes in the creative development and production of touchscreen exhibits, websites and mobile applications for museums, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Creatively, our work is designed to enhance our clients message by making a strong connection with the target audience

Our approach is all about providing a higher level of experience with ease and simplicity for clients and the end user

By providing a seamless relationship between creativity and technology, our clients gain access to the latest enabling technologies without giving up a creative approach or experiencing a painful learning curve