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Fuel for Your Journey

As we embark on any journey we need fuel to sustain ourselves.
The journey to Thriving and Awakening has its own unique sources of fuel.

When in Survival Mode we usually pressure ourselves to be better.
When in Thriving Mode we switch fuels to be more supportive and encouraging towards an intention.
In Awakening Mode the fuel shifts again to be one of aligning and residing within our deepest nature.

The Life Energies section covers lots of ways we can activate our life force which is necessary for support, balance and resiliency.  The Inspiration section has many examples of what it means to Thrive and Awaken.

Life Energies

  1. Daily Energy Routine
  2. Acupressure Methods
  3. Moving with Energy


  1. A Thriving Moment
  2. Stories from Thrive & Awaken Members
  3. Awakening Experiences

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