Humans are evolving emotionally and socially.  Although we still have a lot of violence and injustice,
there are significant signs we are becoming a more peaceful and loving society.

You can learn to consciously evolve!  Explore the steps we take from moving out of Survival Mode and all of its reactive habits into Thriving Mode where we have the opportunity to be more mindful, heartfelt, and grounded in all aspects of life.
Then discover how to Awaken to a greater sense of consciousness, experiencing your deepest joy, awe, and love.

Surviving to Thriving Overview

6 Steps from Surviving to Thriving

    1.  Recognizing Survival Mode
    2.  Exploring Thriving Mode
    3.  Developing Thriving Tools
    4.  Knowing Yourself
    5.  Clearing Reactivity
    6.  Living Thriving Mode
person and cat tighrope walking in front of moon

Thriving to Awakening Overview

6 Steps from Thriving to Awakening 

    1.  Yearning for More
    2.  Discovering True Nature
    3.  Deepening into Presence
    4.  Transforming the Illusions
    5.  Releasing the Ego Identity
    6.  Experiencing Awakening

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