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A Journey of Self-Discovery and Conscious Awakening

Tired of just Surviving and getting by?
Join us in learning how to Thrive and Awaken®.

  • Learn the steps to move from Surviving to Thriving to Awakening.
  • Explore and develop many tools to support your journey.
  • Be inspired & energized to help fuel and sustain your journey.

Welcome to Thrive and Awaken®!

Join Doug in this Introductory Video.

Doug J Moore, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach, and spiritual teacher.

Main Features of Thrive and Awaken®

Connecting with Doug

Content, Community, & Connecting with Doug


Steps on Your Journey

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There are 8 Steps in Thriving and Awakening. Each one is an extensive course. 

tool box

Tools such as Mindfulness & Self-Compassion help you move through the steps.

Fuel on Your Journey

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Fuel comes in the form of energy work and inspiration to uplift and sustain you.

Video/Audio Blogs

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Extra content is found from Coaching Notes & Deepening Presence® clips.


Discussion Groups

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Join discussion Groups for each Step, Tool, & Fuel.

Create your own personal or professional groups to study together. 

Inspirational Stories

Hear the inspirational stories of others learning to thrive.

They discovered challenges were FOR them to learn from and evolve.

Awakening Experiences

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Awakening is an ongoing realization of our true nature. 

Learn from others how they experience the journey.

Connection with Doug

See the Calendar for Events

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1. Group Conversations with Doug for each Step, Tool, & Fuel.

2. Ask Doug questions and he’ll post comments so you learn from each other.

3. Steps 4-8 are live 3-day retreats conducted virtually. 

4. Join him in the Deepening Presence® study group to experience & integrate content from the retreats.

5. Enjoy his Coaching Notes: Short & informal comments on a variety of topics.

6. Deepening Presence® Clips are nuggets from 10 years of an on-going study group.

7. Special Topics will be offered such as How to have Balance

8. Provide suggestions you’d like him to cover.

The Journey: 3 Interwoven Phases

The Exploring Phase is included in your Membership.  The Thriving & Awakening Phases have additional costs based on what you choose. The Membership Page outlines all this in detail.


Welcome to the beginning of your Thrive and Awaken® journey. This Exploring Phase is designed to enhance your current life skills. Also, you’ll explore and experience how to use the Tools needed to Thrive! 

You’ll need Fuel to sustain your journey.  Discover how to use Life Force Energies to build resiliency. Be inspired by others pointing the way.

A community of fellow explorers is waiting for you! You can join them in conversation Groups to discuss the Tools, Fuel, & Blog.

Create your own personal or professional group if you have a community you want to learn with.

You’ll also have the opportunity to be part of Group Conversations with Doug about  integrating the Tools & Fuel into your life.


 Are you ready to deepen into Thriving? This Phase will use extensive video courses to guide you through the 4 Steps from Surviving to Thriving.
Step 1: Recognizing Survival Mode
Step 2: Creating a Holding Environment
Step 3: Exploring Thriving Mode
Step 4: Clearing Reactivity

The Tools from the Exploring Phase will be integrated into the Steps. You’ll call upon the Fuel to sustain and inspire the journey.

You can join groups with other members for each Step.

You can have Group Conversations with Doug about the Steps.


Has Awakening been calling you? This Phase includes 3-day retreats for each of the 4 steps from Thriving to Awakening.
Step 5: Evolving the Ego
Step 6: Realizing Your True Nature
Step 7: Revealing the Illusions
Step 8: Surrendering & Being Awareness

The Tools from the Exploring Phase and the Steps from the Thriving Phase will be woven into the retreats.

You’ll also learn more in-depth energy based methods to facilitate Awakening.

Once you attend a retreat, you’ll have the opportunity be part of Deepening Presence™, a 2x/mo study group facilitated by Doug to experience and integrate the work. 

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We all face many challenges living in this world.

Life’s ups and downs are opportunities for us to learn to be grounded, develop wisdom, and expand our capacity to love.

Welcome to a growing community interested in self-discovery and conscious awakening!

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