Yay for fear!  What an amazing emotion!  It protects us from all sorts of danger.  Our fear makes us vigilant and stops us from stepping off a cliff or rushing up to hug a wild bear.

Do you remember your heart pounding before an important meeting or presentation?  That was the same fear that protected you from stepping off the cliff.  Your unconscious quickly assesses a situation and then plunges you into Survival Mode.

The downside is your unconscious is not very good about determining what is truly life-threatening.  It perceives going on a first date or asking for a raise as life threatening.  It activates stress hormones, increases your heart rate, and tightens your muscles to get ready to run or fight.  Research has shown the resulting inflammation from ongoing Survival Mode literally takes years off your life.

This is a great reason to learn how to Thrive and Awaken.  In Thriving Mode, we learn the tools to convert Fear to Trust.

The first thing you can trust is that your fear will show up to protect you when truly needed.  You won’t start hugging wild bears.

You can also trust you’ll learn from whatever you do in life, when you are open to the lesson.  If you are rushed in preparing a presentation, then you learn how to plan better.  If you say something rude to a friend, you learn to genuinely apologize and be calmer when discussing a hot topic.

Our greatest wisdom comes from those events that didn’t go so well.

Reflect on something you learned by it not going well.  You can trust that you will continue to learn with all life lessons.

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  1. Greg Sanders on January 11, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    This is great!! Thank you Doug

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