Woman meditating at work

To Thrive, meditation is not optional.  We typically reside in survival mode which has automatic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are a result of our ancestry, personal history, and personality style.  Our bodies are wired to be on the hunt for physical, social, or emotional dangers.  Pick a time you’ve recently been hurt or angry.  Can you see how you’ve had these feelings for similar situations in the past?  Do you find yourself anticipating those events?   For example, can you remember working hard on a project and it was criticized for not being good enough?  Then the next time you work on a similar project there is procrastination or the opposite, an obsessiveness to do it right.  Our emotional habits keep us repeating our vigilant past.

Unless we recognize the habits, stop and choose to replace them, our future is destined to be a repetition of the past.  Meditation is essential because in the beginning we practice recognizing and choosing.  We notice or recognize our breath and every time our mind wanders we choose to come back to the breath. We are training our mind to focus and choose rather than get swept up in some thought or emotional habit.  We can’t thrive unless we can recognize the habit and choose an alternate way to think, feel, or act that is healthier.

You can choose to Thrive and meditation is essential to the journey.  Start today to recognize and choose.  Each time you do, you’ll get better and better at it.


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