It's natural to resist something threatening or limiting.  If you’re told you can’t have something you really want, your initial reaction is to resist. In resistance our fight/flight/freeze reactions are activated, forcing some action to keep us or someone else safe.  If your child wants to run into the street, you are naturally going to resist.  This is normal and healthy.

However, we tend to resist many other situations such as the weather, uncomfortable emotions like sadness, aging, car problems, politics, and other people’s behaviors we find offensive.  The list of things we resist is endless.  This resistance keeps us in a reactive Survival Mode.

An example of the flight or freeze mode is when we passively and begrudgingly go along with everything.  It is a passive form of resistance and also keeps us in Survival Mode.

Thriving Mode is being proactive AND choosing to Accept what is.  For example, if it’s raining, accept it and grab an umbrella.  You could even be grateful that the trees and plants are being watered.  Or if you are sad, accept it as a natural feeling when you miss someone.  This acceptance is a form of self-compassion and how you’d comfort a close friend.  If your child ignores curfew, accept that it is part of their development to rebel, and calmly discuss it.

Think of something you resist….how can you choose to accept and make the best of it?  Each time you choose to accept life, you are learning to Thrive and Awaken.

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