Self-Compassion Class with Doug J Moore, Ph.D.

Introduction to the Class

Is this Self-Compassion class for you?

  • Are you frequently critical of yourself?
  • Do you struggle with changing habits?
  • Is anxiety or depression an aspect of your life?
  • Are you out of balance in eating, exercise, drinking, or work?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

You’re not alone! Most people are critical of themselves.

It was necessary for our ancestry to be safe and survive.

Self-criticism keeps you in reactive Survival Mode.

Self-Compassion is an essential tool to shift you into Thriving.

You can thrive with Self-Compassion!

We're working on the Self-Compassion class - thanks for checking.

As a psychologist for 35 years I’ve had the opportunity to learn how people overcome anxiety, depression, and trauma. I know what it takes to get out of our reactive Survival Mode. As a life coach & spiritual teacher for the past 10 years, I’ve helped many people learn how to truly Thrive in life and then Awaken to a greater consciousness.

Research shows that Self-Compassion makes us Healthier, Happier and more Productive.

This 18 video class will help you:

  • Reflect on why you are so self critical
  • Learn how to completely accept yourself
  • Be comfortable with self nurturing
  • Dissolve unhealthy thoughts and behaviors
  • Implement healthy supportive habits
  • See life’s challenges as opportunities to evolve

What others are saying...

Wow, rather than seeing myself as a loser, I’m learning to say, look how strong and resilient I am in overcoming all the trials in my life - BG

I found your explanation about how we are all continuing to develop and learn so enlightening in accepting myself where I am - CW


Thrive by Accepting and Loving Yourself!