Stories on the Journey

Contributed by Members & Doug

Clear Minded

Woman's head w sun insdie reflecting on water

Life is Happening For Us vs To Us

By Doug J Moore, Ph.D. | December 6, 2020

On a bright June day, my Mom died.  I was just 10 years old.  She was in the hospital recovering from…

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My Journey

Person on a path walking towards the sun

I can just "be"

February 22, 2021

By Linda H. I came to Deepening Presence® as a 51 yr. old angry, overwhelmed child. I saw the world in…

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Who is the "real" me?

February 22, 2021

By Ann W.  “Is this the real Sr. Ann?” were Doug Moore’s first words to me when I met him in…

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Beginning to Know There was More

January 11, 2021

By Jerry P.     In April of 1977 I was 34 and part of a four-person team running a GED school…

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Despair to Surrender

January 3, 2021

By Carolyn G.     To write this I must think back many years.  What was my world like when I started…

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We Can Resist or Embrace Dying

By Doug J Moore, Ph.D. | January 1, 2021

My best friend, Kathleen, thrived through stage 4 breast cancer only to die from it six years later.  She was the…

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