From Not Enough to Non-Judgment

By Mirielle K.  The awakening process is insightful, complex and a forever-after unfolding process. Whether somewhat prepared or not at all, having access to a toolkit with guidance is utmost helpful! Doug Moore and his Deepening Presence® workshops from Thrive and Awaken have been instrumental in shaping the lens with which I am able to navigate the unfolding and at times very challenging process. Although I have found most tools and discussions helpful, the one thing that has helped me the most is learning to practice self-compassion and accessing the self-coaching ability that Doug has taught us. Since early childhood I have navigated the sentiments of not feeling good enough in pretty much anything I do….I am now able to coach myself through any emotions that come up and observe them without judgment rather than with old trauma responses and stories. Getting to a place where you can just observe your emotions and not attach any judgement to them is truly liberating! I am very grateful for this tool and hope you will find great benefit using it as well.

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