Light & Love as Greater Consciousness

Little did I know on the drive from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. that my life was about to dramatically change.  I was 22 years old and a recent graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.  Upon graduation I didn’t have clarity about my career, so I decided to work as a research assistant.  My employer was developing a test to measure the skills of the hardcore unemployed, and we were required to go to DC and report on our progress. 

The meeting with our two project monitors from the Department of Labor went well, and they seemed pleased with our efforts.  Once the meeting was completed, one of the monitors, Beverly, asked, “Who would like to stay and talk about God?”  I thought this was a very odd request after a business meeting, but this was occurring on the heals of Woodstock where traditions were being challenged.

There were three people who decided not to engage in this conversation which left Beverly, two other research assistants, Valerie and Mike, and myself.   I had no idea what to expect.  Although I was raised in the Presbyterian church, my relationship with God was really about praying for something I wanted.  Well…that was about to change.   As Bev was talking, I closed my eyes and suddenly felt very tingly all over my body.  After I basked in the peace of my experience, I opened my eyes to see myself enshrouded in a white light that my Grandma used to talk about.  In addition, there was a big beam of light that left my heart, went around the 15 foot long table and was connected with Bev’s heart.  I was immersed in a deep peace, awe, and love.

The silence that seemed forever was suddenly interrupted when Bev said, “Does anybody else see what is happening?”  What I thought was a personal experience that I might be making up, suddenly became validated by the descriptions of the other three people in the room.  This expanded my notion of reality and God to include a deep peace about the mystery of the unknown. 

Future meetings with Beverly were both lovely and challenging because we both would sink into a sense of light and love that permeated everything.  Initially it was hard to stay present with the task at hand.  Such encounters taught me how to stay grounded and present while also experiencing expanded awareness.  The next step of my career became clearer.  I wanted to go to graduate school in psychology, so I could put into context what I was experiencing and help others be open to similar experiences.

This expanded awareness would be essential for my transformation as a psychologist, helping others out of survival mode, to a life coach specializing in thriving mode, to a spiritual teacher guiding others in the process of awakening.  I’ve been very fortunate to have had many other experiences of greater consciousness that continue to unfold as part of my everyday life. 

Doug J Moore, Ph.D.

Doug J Moore, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life-coach, & spiritual teacher. He explores the ways we balance and integrate our heart, mind, body and energy. He blends traditional psychological methods with the practice of mindfulness, the wisdom of the Enneagram, and the application of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. This holistic blend helps personal, professional and spiritual development. He founded as a journey into self-discovery and conscious awakening. It is a center to learn steps that move us from Surviving to Thriving to Awakening with many tools and inspirations to support the journey. He facilitates an on-going spiritual study group called Deepening Presence®.